May 2 Sacrament (please bring your emblems)

Worship Planner & Speaker: Darleene

Theme: "All Are Welcome at God's Table"


May 9 Mother's Day

Worship Planner & Speaker: Darleene

Theme: "A Mother's Love"


May 16

Worship Planner & Speaker: Darleene

Theme: "Supersize My Faith, Please"


May 23   (this is the long weekend)

Worship Planner & Speaker: Darleene

Theme: "Guaranteed Catch"


May 30

Worship Planner & Speaker: Darleene

Theme: "Take the First Step"





In order for us to have worship services again, please see the COVID-19 protocols.

The Church's Responsibility

1. If we learn a person has tested positive, we must shut down the church for 14 days or until it is cleaned and sanitized by a professional company.  

2. We must post cautionary/instruction signage at the front door and within the building.

3. We must provide 60% alcohol hand sanitizer at the entrance and in the bathrooms.

4. We must provide extra non-medical masks at the entrance.

5. Verbal reminders about distancing must be provided.

6. We must ensure the building is only filled to 30% capacity.

7. At the end of each service, each row will be dismissed separately. 

8. Must consider shortening services to 45 minutes in length.

9. Must limit number of people in washrooms at a time. One person per restroom, unless supervising a child or being from the same household. 

10. Must keep a list of attendees every time we meet. This will be shared with health authorities only in the event that someone contracts COVID-19. This will not be used otherwise. 

11. Weddings and funerals must follow all the set rules, including the 30% capacity. And the church must be professionally cleaned after such events. If the people using the church for these occasions do not have the church professionally cleaned, the congregational funds have to bear the cost.

12. The church must be cleaned and sanitized every week (and between any extra services).

13. Microphones must be sanitized after every service.

14. Clean and sanitize (after each service): door handles, light switches, faucets, microphones, sound keyboard, toilet handles, railing, other commonly touched areas. Clean all used areas.


Rules in the Church Building

1. No refreshments or food can be provided.

2. No collections of items can be taken.

3. No singing or shouting.

4. No bulletins.

5. All bibles, hymnals, activity packets, and guest book and pen must be removed.

6. Attenders must proceed as quickly as possible to their seats in the chapel upon entrance to the building.

7. No hugging, touching, shaking hands, or passing items between people not from the same household. (Instead: wave, nod, bow.)

8. Children must be kept from wandering.

9. No sacraments that require touch or proximity. 

10. People not from the same household must stay 2 metres/6 feet apart.

11. Hymns will be projected on the wall, though they cannot be sung.

12. No dancing, drama, or live music is permitted.

13. Pre-recorded music will be used.

14. Must sit 2 m/6 ft away from all who are not members of your family.

15. The following rooms will be open: foyer, bathrooms, chapel. Outerwear must be taken to your seat.

16. Offering trays may not be passed. An offering basket will be placed in a convenient location. Offering must be handled only by our financial officer with gloves and a mask, only after a 24 hour waiting period.

17. Stationary mics may be shared, but not touched (do not adjust the mic). Do not handle or touch mics. Handheld mics must not be shared.


Individual Responsibilities

1. Must use COVID-19 self-assessment ( before attending.

2. Do not attend if you have any of these COVID-19 symptoms--persistent cough, fever, shortness of breath, runny nose, sore throat, chills, or feeling unwell.

3. People who have tested positive for COVID-19 and their family should not enter for 14 days after receiving test results and showing no signs of illness. 

4. At the end of the service, after being dismissed a row at a time, people should proceed directly to the parking lot.

5. You are permitted to bring your own scriptures.

6. Must use respiratory etiquette (sneezing or coughing into your elbow or a tissue). Please wash your hands after and take tissue(s) home with you.

7. Please bring your own water to drink.

8. Please bring your own Lord's Supper emblems.