January 5, 2019                No Church

January 12, 2020             Sacrament            
Prelude & Sound:             Emelia
P4P:                                   Tarla Olson
Worship:                           Darleene


January 19, 2020              Advisory Council
Prelude & Sound:              Leila
P4P:                                    Leila & Darleene
Worship:                            Darleene

Advisory Council Following Worship. Lunch provided by your Pastors!!  We need your help to plan 2020!



January 26, 2020             Birthday Sunday/Change 4 Change

Prelude & Sound:             Tara
P4P:                                    Pam & AL
Worship:                            Anita

Additional Dates & Information:

January 19: Advisory Council Meeting  following the worship service. Please come to help plan 2020! Lunch will be provided by our Pastors!!



Cleaning the Church:

Janet 12th
Wendy 19th and 26th

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