March 1, 2020                 Sacrament/Food Bank  

Prelude & Sound:             Emelia
P4P:                                   Gail
Worship:                           Darleene


March 8, 2020                 Blessing of Ward Rosenfeldt

Prelude & Sound:             Emelia
P4P:                                   Tarla
Worship:                           Darleene


Food Bank Collection/Daylight Savings Time Begins

March 15, 2020               Birthday Sunday

Prelude & Sound:             Leila
P4P:                                   Tara, Ryley and Rayna

Musician:                           Bobbie-Jean
Worship:                           CWM President Steve Thompson

March 22, 2020              Food Bank Collection

Prelude & Sound:            Wayne
P4P:                                   Bev and Jack
Worship:                          Anita

March 29, 2020              Honduras Presentation

Prelude & Sound:            Leila

P4P:                                  Pam and Al

Worship:                          Wayne


Change for Change/Food Bank Collection

Additional Dates & Information:

March 6 - World Day of Prayer beginning at 2pm at the United Church in Provost.  We are providing two readers and the speaker! Please come and support this important interfaith event.

March 8 - Blessing of Ward Rosenfeldt, son of Taija Watson and Shawn Rosenfeldt

March 20-22 - Prarire Women's Retreat in Drumheller.  Guest Minister is our former Apostle Susan Oxley.



Cleaning the Church:
1, 8, 15 - Leila

22, 29 - Wendy

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